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The ukulele design process

Would you like your ukulele to reflect your own style?

This is how I work to produce a hand painted design that is perfect for you.

Step 1


Design on paper

You give me an idea of what you would like on your ukulele and I try out different styles and ideas on paper which I show to you.

Choose a version, or ask for elements of different drawings to be put together ...basically we work together to find a design that is just right.


Step 2

Transfer design to ukulele

In this case the client changed the colour of the tree and background and added a moon.  With this annotated, revised drawing I am ready to start preparing the ukulele for painting: removing the strings, protecting the parts not to be painted, and lightly sanding the surface.

If you want me to use a ukulele you already have, I can.  Otherwise I will paint onto a new Mahalo ukulele.


Step 3



As I paint the design onto your ukulele I will send you photos to keep you updated on progress.

After the design is complete it is sprayed with several coats of varnish to ensure durability.

The whole process takes about a week because of drying times between stages.

Step 4

Ready to post

When your ukulele is painted, varnished, and dry it is ready to wing it's way to you.

All ukuleles are sent Royal Mail Tracked 48 as standard in the UK, and Parcelfore Worldwide for the rest of the world.


A finished product (with new ukulele) is usually in the £80 - £120 range, depending on complexity of design.

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